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The East London Bond is issued by Allia (formerly Citylife) and is a catalyst for social and economic renewal in some of the poorest, most deprived communities in England. A proportion of the money raised from the Bond will go to the Bromley by Bow Centre and Community Links, two nationally-acclaimed charities that have led innovative and successful approaches to regenerate East London. The remainder of the money raised from the Bond will be lent by the Bond issuer Allia to Places for People Homes (PfPH), a registered provider of social housing, under a loan at a commercial rate of interest. When PfPh repays the loan to Allia it will do so together with an amount in respect of interest, and this repayment will allow Allia to repay Bondholders in full. No interest will be paid on the Bond. East London Bond - Series I: PfPH has a credit rating of Aa3 from Moody's Investors Service, but some investors may wish to have additional protection against the risk of PfPH defaulting on its obligations under the loan. The Series I Bonds will be supported by a bank guarantee. The guarantor will charge 3.75 per cent of the total amount of the Series I Bonds over the period of the loan as a guarantee fee, which will be deducted from the donation that the Bromley by Bow Centre and Community Links receive. Potential investors should note that no financial information in respect of Allia will be accessible via the Sharemark website but that an annual Bond Review will be published in the future. Further details and application information are available at www.eastlondonbond.org. Investments in the East London Bond must only be made on the basis of the offer document and relevant background documents.

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East London Bond October Newsletter 28 Oct 13
East London Bond July Newsletter 22 Aug 12
East London Bond August Newsletter 19 Aug 11

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Important Information for Investors 21 Dec 09

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